Book Clubs


Everyone knows books are better together. And, because of that, we've got three different book clubs sure to please readers of all kinds. If you're not sure which book club would be right for you, just reach out to us and we'll help you find the best book club for you.


Interested in starting your own book club? Let us know! Naughty Dog Books would be happy to host you - just let us know and we can ensure your pick is on our shelves,

Criminally Good
This Life, Now
The Eclectic Reader

Humanity is a shared existence, and no matter how we may differ as individuals, we remain inextricably bound together through life's common experiences: relationships, work, and, yes, even politics. We're covering it all here, and hopefully, learning to do life a little better.

Listen up, crime buffs and armchair detectives! If you love a great mystery (and we certainly do), this is the book club for you. We're stepping inside the crime scene tape and delving into all things criminal in this book club devoted exclusively to mystery, suspense, thriller, and true crime selections.

We're covering all the bases in this bestseller book club - from popular fiction to nonfiction, who knows, we may even throw in a few classics you were supposed to read in high school (but probably didn't). If your reading tastes and interests lean toward the diverse, this is the club for you.